WBTV Investigates gets a $40,000 refund for local couple after problems with dream car

Couple wants money back after car trouble

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A local couple bought their dream car, only for it to become a nightmare.

Jason and Shaunta Bowlin bought a BMW from Carvana.

They paid extra for a warranty that should have covered major problems that emerged with the car soon after they got it.

But that didn’t happen.

“He’s always wanted the BMW M4 m4, ever since it came out,” said Shaunta Bowlin.

Shaunta Bowlin’s husband Jason saw this beauty on Carvana, a 2015 BMW M4, and decided to buy it. It cost nearly $40,000.

“We noticed the check engine light came on June the 8th and we immediately notified Carvana and SilverRock that there were issues with the car,” Bowlin said.

The car came with a limited warranty – 100 days or 4,000 miles. The problems started within that window and they called the warranty company right away.

“They said everything would be covered, we just had to pay a $50 copay and everything would be covered, which now we found out is not the case. We’ve been strung around for over a month,” Bowlin said.

When Jason brought the car into a local BMW dealership, the mechanics told him the car was in bad shape.

“And basically with a bore camera they found metal shreds in the engine and cylinder 6 was misfiring so obviously it had severe engine problems,” Bowlin said.

The estimate to repair the vehicle was nearly $8,000.

Jason, with his limited warranty, thought Carvana would simply authorize the repairs, but after countless calls over the span of a month, Jason said Carvana was still refusing to pay for all of the repairs.

WBTV Investigates called Carvana about the Bowlin’s case.

A few hours later, the company said they’d issue a full refund, saying, “We did come to a resolution and the customer is currently in the process of returning the vehicle for a full refund.”

“We’ve been on the phone with them day in and day out for the last 30 days and didn’t come to any resolution, we just got the runaround on the phone with several people, so without you guys, we couldn’t have gotten it accomplished,” Bowlin said.

For specific suggestions on buying a new car from the North Carolina attorney general, you can go here:

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