Thunderstorms and tropical storms: Here’s who gets what

Eric Thomas Thursday night forecast

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Tropical Storm Fay developed off the North Carolina Outer Banks Thursday afternoon, but the bigger issue for our viewing area is to our west as a line of thunderstorms crossing the Ohio Valley will move into the NC mountains later on Friday.

While confidence is high the mountains will see a real impact from these storms Friday afternoon, there is some uncertainty as to how well they will survive crossing the mountains and into the remainder of our viewing area toward the greater Charlotte region.

If the storms maintain their strength, the most likely time for seeing storms Friday will be a little later than typical, say around mid to late evening.

Be on the lookout if you’re planning on being outside with your family or friends Friday evening.

Beyond, you should expect another classic July weekend - Hot and Steamy.

Few if any storms will show up over the weekend making it a good target for outdoor activities.

Stay safe and wear your sunscreen!

Meteorologist Eric Thomas

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