Mother of Beatties Ford shooting survivor calls for mental health resources for victims, families

Mother of Beatties Ford shooting survivor calls for mental health resources for victims, families

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - For the last few weeks, community leaders have been calling for more resources to the community, especially after the shooting on Beatties Ford Road on Father’s Day, which killed four people and injured 10 others.

Those activists are calling for resources to go towards community programs and education.

But one mom, whose daughter was seriously hurt during the shooting, is calling for mental health resources for the survivors and community.

“She’s striving, she’s striving..but I see what I see,” said Teresa Settle.

Teresa Settle said it’s a mother intuition but she knows her daughter hasn’t been the same.

“That light, that glow that I see in her eyes, it’s not there,” Settle said.

Out of privacy concerns, WBTV is not sharing the daughter’s name or any photos.

However, her mother says her injuries were extensive and she had to stay in the hospital for several days. She’s recovering at home now.

But Settle knew she needed to get their family’s message out there.

“We need resources,” Settle said. “Hear those gunshots and see these people running and screaming. That was trauma within itself.”

Settle said her daughter, the other survivors, their family members and anyone there on Beatties Ford that night all need mental health resources.

“That incident on Beatties Ford road, traumatized people that weren’t even involved,” she said.

Settle said her family has only been contacted by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department twice in the several weeks since the shooting and hasn’t heard anything about resources to deal with what bystanders and survivors saw that night.

“This is going to be a long road for all of us,” she said.

And like we’ve heard before...she’s calling for the violence to stop too.

“If we’re going to protest black lives matter, we have to act like black lives matter,” Settle said. “We have to stop gun violence, all violence. It’s tearing our community apart.”

Settle is looking for other families of victims to meet with and hopefully form a group to support each other while they heal.

If you need to contact her you can email

The family is also raising money for medical expenses and future mental health costs for her daughter. The link to donate is here.

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