Lancaster County Schools releases parent-teacher survey data, using it for reopening plan

Lancaster parents surveyed about sending kids back to school

LANCASTER, S.C. (WBTV) - After months of remote learning, school districts are trying to come up with the best reopening plan for students.

A survey of Lancaster County Schools’ parents, shows more than 60% are likely to send their students back to school. Lancaster County Schools already submitted a start-to-school plan to Columbia and is waiting for it to be accepted. Officials say the survey parents, teachers, and students filled out are a big part of the plan.

In the survey, Lancaster County Schools administration asked about access to technology, how supported students and parents felt, and how likely parents are sending students back to school after the several months of virtual learning.

Superintendent Jonathan Phipps says the surveys were a crucial part in making a plan that fits parents and teachers’ needs, but it is not the only survey they are using.

The district sent out a new one on Wednesday once again asking for parent, student, and teacher input. Phipps says this survey is more specific to expectations. He says the survey features a list of questions expanding on what challenges parents and students had in the first one. The survey will also touch on what safety measures they want to see in school including—social distancing, masks, an alternating schedule, and much more.

Both surveys and the recommendations from Columbia will influence the district’s final reopening plans.

”Use the data that we received today and for the rest of the week’s survey and mix that data along with the plan presented to Columbia and mesh those together to try to meet the needs of our learners,” says Phipps.

The reopening plan is expected to come out next week.

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