‘I noticed roaches coming out of the outlet’: Gaston County mother given apartment with less than ideal conditions

Mom expecting nice apartment gets roaches and cracked windows

GASTONIA, N.C. (WBTV) - It was supposed to be a clean new apartment for a Gastonia single mom to raise her children, but minutes after moving in, the woman realized she had made a big mistake.

Brittany Williams said her new apartment is no place to raise children with cockroaches, cracks in the walls, water on the floor and a refrigerator that doesn’t even work.

“I’ve been having anxiety, I haven’t slept,” she said. “I had to literally watch my kids sleep because I was afraid roaches would crawl on them at this point.”

Williams is a mother of three kids, ranging in age from 1 to 3 years old.

On June 29, after paying a $300 security deposit, she moved into the Quail Woods Apartments in Gastonia.

For $915 a month rent, she thought she was getting a clean new apartment.

However, Williams said that apartment is more like a roach motel.

What started out with a few roaches has rapidly multiplied, Williams told WBTV.

She said roaches are showing up everywhere.

“I noticed roaches coming out of the outlet,” said Williams. “None of this was handled before I got here. I was assured quality and this is not quality.”

Williams can’t even keep food in her refrigerator for her three children because the refrigerator is broken and water is all over the floor.

“Now I’m trying to figure out what am I going to feed my kids,” Williams said. They literally ate Ritz crackers and candy for breakfast because their eggs are spoiled, they don’t have milk for their cereal, I don’t have a car.”

WBTV contacted the apartment complex and they had no comment.

The apartment manager is not talking, but previous tenants apparently are.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Southwood Realty Company manages the Quail Woods Apartments. The BBB said they have handled 40 complaints in the last three years.

WBTV contacted Southwood Realty and they said they replaced the refrigerator and are working on the other issues.

“I was assured that everything would be fine,” Williams said. “I’m getting new carpet, you’re getting new appliances, which is what I thought it would be - a new refrigerator, right? But they just replaced the stove and the dishwasher.”

Williams said Quail Woods initially sounded perfect.

This was the largest apartment she and the kids had lived in, but now she is afraid to turn off the lights at night.

She wants things fixed, but no one will answer her calls.

“I’ve been calling nonstop and at this point, it seems like nothing is going to be done, I’ve been hung up on,” Williams said. “I’m just exhausted, and I feel like I”m not being heard at all, with them anyway.”

Southwood Realty said if Williams wants to leave, they will allow her to do so without penalty.

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