Back at work, some North Carolinians still seek retroactive unemployment benefits

Back at work, some North Carolinians still seek retroactive unemployment benefits

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Delays in North Carolina’s unemployment system are nothing new, but for some people, it’s taken so long to get benefits they’ve already gone back to work at a new job. Now they’re seeking to get payments retroactively to make up for what they’ve missed.

“It’s been what almost four months now,” Ashley Rhom told WBTV.

Rhom originally filed for unemployment on March 27. It’s been so long that she now has a new job.

Through all the time she was unemployed she has been filing weekly certifications, a way to verify that’s able and available for work if she finds it.

In total, she filed 11 certifications.

Those certifications are also what the North Carolina Division of Employment Security uses to pay people retroactively but so far Rhom has only received one small payment out of all the months she was out of work.

“That’s the only thing I can’t figure out,” Rhom said. “Especially because they have said that I am eligible for everything, that I’ve done my weekly certification.

WBTV reached out to DES about the issue of retroactive payments.

In an email, a spokesperson said, “If there are no issues, payment is typically released within 24-72 hours of the weekly certification being filed.”

When WBTV asked why Rhom’s payments might take so long, the spokesperson said they can’t speak about individual claimants but that “an individual’s responses to weekly certification questions may raise an issue of eligibility that requires staff review.”

Other people have also reached out to WBTV with questions about retroactive payments.

Rhom told WBTV that DES reached out to her Thursday and said the issue would be resolved by Friday.

“I’ve spoken to seven or eight people who say it’s just a matter of time it’s an oversight on their end and even still nothing has happened,” Rhom said.

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