Virtual school being created in Rock Hill, S.C.

District creating virtual school in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - Regardless of what the state decides on rules for schooling in South Carolina, in Rock Hill, if you want your child to learn from home, you can do it. This week, the district announced its virtual learning program for students kindergarten through 12th.

When presenting the final recommendations for schools to reopen this fall, State Superintendent Molly Spearman mentioned districts expanding virtual school programs. This is just one of three programs she recommended for parents who did not want to send their students back to school.

Rock Hill schools answered that call and is giving insight on what you can expect if you choose this option.  Here are the facts the district released:

It is expanding its virtual school program to K5 through 12th grades.

Rock Hill schools says teachers in the program will live stream lessons. The district says students can interact with the teacher and each other. Students will also follow a schedule as if they were still face to face.

Rock Hill Schools says this option gives parents the freedom to choose. In a survey of parents, 16 percent of them said they were not sending their students back to school and 30 percent said they were not sure they wanted to. One of those parents is Desiree Phipps. Her daughter, Cheyenne is already preparing for the upcoming school year.

“I feel really weird going back after being out for so long. It would almost feel like walking into a foreign country,” says Cheyenne Phipps.

However, Cheyenne might not ever go inside her school. Her mom is nervous about the coronavirus. The rising numbers and people not following the rules, she says, is a recipe for disaster.

“I just don’t feel safe. It’s like more numbers are out there now than there was when they were let out of school the first time,” says Desiree Phipps.

Phipps says she would rather have Cheyenne attend virtual school since Rock Hill Schools is expanding the option. It is an option that Cheyenne is willing to take.

“I think virtual school will help me because the anxiety and that stuff. Don’t want to get sick,” says Cheyenne Phipps.

Unlike remote learning, Rock Hill schools says online school will give students the ability to participate in class like face to face instruction without the fears of being in the classroom. The teachers are only teaching virtually and will be delivering the same curriculum the face-to-face students get. It is an ideal situation for Cheyenne and her mother.

“I’d be less stressed. I’d have less anxiety,” says Desiree Phipps. “I don’t want to send her out into the world just to get sick.”

“I’d be at home. There wouldn’t be anxiety or at least too much of it,” says Cheyenne Phipps. “There wouldn’t be distractions like there are at school and I could probably learn a lot better.”

The school district is providing all the technology and software for students who choose this option.

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