Deadly start to week concerns business owners along Tuckaseegee Road

Deadly start to week concerns business owners in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - On Monday three people were shot and two died. The shootings happened in west and north Charlotte.

Police say 44-year-old Lawrence Crank was one of two people killed on Tuckaseegee Road. He died on the scene.

Several hours later, 34-year-old Channing Liston Byers was shot on Trinity Road.

The violence didn’t stop. Tuesday afternoon two people were shot off Beatties Ford Road and one of them died.

Dr. Matthew Mundorf operates a chiropractic business on Tuckaseegee Road. He says a young girl ran inside his business on Monday to hide from the gunfire.

Two people were shot at the Quick Nez convenience store.

“I’m scared and fearful for my clients and for my wife,” Dr. Mundorf told WBTV.

People living and working in the Tuckaseegee corridor said they are not surprised to see more crime happening at this store. Just last week two men were found in a car parked here after being shot nearby. In March of 2019, another person was shot and killed here.

“We definitely need to look and see what’s the common denominator here,” business owner Rico Foxx said.

Foxx opened his business down the street from the convenience store in 2014, offering counseling to victims of gun violence.

“This is why we’re over here,” Foxx said. “We wanted to be able to have access to those in this community.”

About six hours after this shooting, another person was found shot and killed on Trinity Road in North Charlotte.

Foxx says mistrust of the police likely slows these investigations.

“I’m sure people are like we want to solve some of these problems but it’s like with who?” he said. “We’re still focusing on who is policing the police?”

Police have not arrested anyone involved in these shootings.

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