City, community leaders discuss solutions for Beatties Ford Rd after 5 people killed in 10 days

Community leaders call for end to violence in north Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - In less than two weeks, five people have been killed on Beatties Ford Road. Community and city leaders are calling on the crime to stop. The community says the city needs to put more resources into the area to help reduce the crime.

On Tuesday, a person was shot and killed at the 3200 block of Beatties Ford Road outside an arcade room. Another person was also injured in this shooting.

On Sunday, June 21 four others were killed after police say several shooters fired guns into a crowd of hundreds of people who were celebrating Juneteenth on Beatties Ford Road.

Community leaders are calling for an end to the violence, saying they are frustrated. They say Tuesday’s shooting just re-emphasized the need in the community.

Councilman Malcolm Graham’s district includes Beatties Ford Road. He says he’s been frequently coming to the neighborhood and talking with his constituents about what needs to be done.

As soon as he parked his car, several community members came up to him and started sharing ideas.

On Monday, community leaders with several organizations, including the NAACP, held a press conference calling for action from the city. They want to see more tax payer money go towards resources for the community, like programs and for city workers to cut the grass and keep the street clean.

“It’s been at least eight years I’ve been advocating for change. I’m part of district 2 myself and they do minimal change,” said a representative from the NAACP.

Graham says things have been in motion to address concerns in the area for months now. Back in January, city council identified several crime hot spots in Charlotte, the intersection of Beatties Ford and Catherine Simmons being one of them.

“Things are happening now, they’re not visible. I understand people are impatient, I’m impatient too,” Graham said. “The foundation is being laid for economic development and growth. Something we need to do as a community, is find a way to work together.”

Graham reemphasized that point again, saying it can’t just be on city leaders to come up with solutions. He’s calling on community members who live near Beatties Ford to work to find solutions as well.

“Take pride in our community and keep our community clean,” he said. “If you see something, say something. Call police. Call code enforcement, Call 311, so you we can correct the problem. We got to buy into this as one community working together for a common purpose.”

PAIGE: Graham says along with the city putting money into the area, city council is working on two major economic developments for the area which would stimulate growth. He couldn’t say yet what those projects are publicly.

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