Mayor, council holding Tega Cay fireworks despite many residents voicing concerns

Mayor, council holding Tega Cay fireworks despite many residents voicing concerns

TEGA CAY, S.C. (WBTV) -What would have been just days away from the sights and sounds marking the country’s freedom, instead will be a silent night for most places in York County.

Tega Cay’s fireworks show is still going on.

People living in Tega Cay are concerned about cases spiking in the area after visitors flock to the area.

Tega Cay Mayor David O’Neal said he has not canceled it because his office came up with a safety plan. He says it will let people enjoy the show while staying safe, but the people living in the city say there are not on board.

Resident Carmen Wells decorates her house for the holiday—preparing to spend it at home.

”I know it’s not a concern for everybody but there’s still a lot of people it’s a real big concern, especially with the numbers being where they are,” Wells said.

Wells’ concern lives just behind her door.

Her family member has a compromised immune system.

She will not be attending the fireworks show, but she is more worried about what the show brings to the town.

”If he were to get COVID-19, he would not make it,” Wells said. “His doctors have told him that he would not make it through. All these other people are going to be coming into the city touching everything that we have so it’s scary.”

The police chief is on Wells’ side.

He put out a letter of concern.

In it, he said he is concerned people coming from different areas will not take safety as seriously.

He also said he does not have enough officers for the numbers they expect.

However, Mayor O’Neal and some of the council say the show must go on.

”Some people said please don’t cancel it,” O’Neal said. “They’re cooped up in the house and want something to do.”

O’Neal said he is working with the police chief to come up with a plan to make the event safe.

Once parking lots reach their capacity, you will not be allowed inside Tega Cay.

O’Neal said with the event being outside provide some safety efforts.

”Some people don’t want to come out and if they have underlying conditions they should stay at home. This is only going to be an hour or so and when everybody leaves it’ll all go back to normal,” O’Neal said. ”This isn’t in a stadium or auditorium. This is outside. You can practice all the social distancing that you need to practice.”>

The mayor is giving people an open invitation, but Wells would rather him and the city council just cancel.

”Come if you can. If you don’t want to come I understand,” O’Neal said.

”Please reconsider. There’s too many lives at risk,” Wells said.

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