Charlotte 49ers unveil a new athletics logo

Charlotte 49ers unveil a new athletics logo

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - For the first time since 2000, Charlotte 49ers athletics will have a new logo and it is a “bold” look.

“The new identity captures the energy that will drive our programs to championship-level success,” said 49ers Director of Athletics Mike Hill in a press release provided by the athletics department. “It’s an exciting time for Charlotte athletics. We enjoyed our first football bowl game last season, set a record for home wins in men’s basketball, won league titles in men’s and women’s track and field, advanced to the NCAA Men’s Soccer Tournament second round, and saw multiple teams continue their dramatic competitive ascent. To build on that, we’re thrilled to have our new bolder identity that not only reflects our commitment to excellence but encompasses the pride this community has for our institution as well as our strong connection to our dynamic city.”

The Charlotte “C” and the pick ax are still prominent in the new primary logo but the “C” is very BOLD. They call it an “all-in C”.

“It looks incredible,” said head football coach Will Healy. “It will look great on the side of a helmet. It will look great in the middle of a basketball court and on jerseys. When you have a cool logo to go along with Nike on the other side, it’s going to help us in recruiting. It’s going to help our player experience here, where they feel really good about where they are playing. I think adding ‘CLT’ to the mark is a big step. We’ve been focused on how we incorporate the city into our brand. How do we make sure we are Charlotte’s Division I university? This is a big step forward for our program.”

That CLT marking is perhaps the biggest and boldest statement in this new logo package as it ties back to the city of Charlotte.

“I’m super, fired up about the CLT mark,” said women’s basketball coach Cara Consuegra. “It brings together what’s so unique about Charlotte. We’re an amazing and vibrant university right next to an amazing and vibrant city. The branding brings the city and the University together into that forward momentum. It has energy.”

The big question is why make this logo change now. One reason is to energize the Niner Nation fan base in these tough times.

“Between the social unrest and the movement for social justice combined with the fact that we are in a once in a lifetime pandemic, this is something that our fans, our student-athletes, our coaches can rally around and celebrate,” said Hill. “I think for our fans, it gives them a signal that good times are right around the corner again and we can be excited about the start of a new year.”

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