COVID-19 outbreak reported at Caldwell County long-term care facility, business

COVID-19 outbreak reported at Caldwell County long-term care facility, business
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CALDWELL COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Caldwell County reported that a local business and a long-term care facility have a coronavirus outbreak.

An outbreak, determined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a facility that has at least two confirmed cases of the virus.

Brockford Inn Assisted Living Facility has two COVID-19 cases, a staff member and a resident.

Baker Waste Equipment has seven employees who tested positive.

In response to the outbreak at the assisted living facility, Brock Gates, owner of Brockford Inn, released the following statement:

“Brockford Inn has received its first two positive cases for COVID-19. One case is for a staff member; the other positive test is for a resident. The resident was sent out by ambulance, and is now in the hospital, doing well. The staff member has self-quarantined and is also currently doing well, showing no sign or symptoms.

“Brockford Inn is taking every precaution to reduce the risk of exposure for other residents and staff. Thanks to the Company BioPure, we were able to completely sanitize our entire building with a virucide agent that is safe to people, but deadly to the virus. We are making great use of all the PPE that we have stocked up, and we are utilizing other sanitizing equipment, as well. It should be noted that we are continuing to train and update the staff as we go along. We are working closely with the health department, the hospital, and our physician’s group to continue giving the best care possible.

“In addition to all our infectious precautions, we are offering hazard pay for staff willing to help us in this time of need. I would like to say to all healthcare workers, now is the time for us to come together and unite against COVID-19. Through our strength and perseverance, and we will adapt and overcome our newfound enemy.”

Baker Waste Equipment (BWE) released the following statement as part of a media release:

Since the NC shutdown, BWE closed its facility to non-essential outsiders, screened employees daily upon entry to work, required hand sanitizing for all entering the facility, provided masks as requested for employees and required masks for all visitors. Six-foot distancing was strongly encouraged. In addition, senior management implemented a weekly meeting to optimize BWE policies and practices as COVID knowledge develops. Following the first reported case, mandatory mask use was enforced, office and production areas segregated, surface sanitizing treatment regularly applied, and six-foot distancing actively enforced.

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