Easy car care tips to keep your interior cool

Car care tips to keep your car's interior cool
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Published: Jun. 19, 2020 at 2:38 PM EDT
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Your car’s interior is your safe haven at the end of the day and whether your commute is long or short, you don’t want to spend it sweating. However, summer can quickly heat things up inside your N Charlotte Toyota, making it unpleasant to get behind the wheel. Toyota of N Charlotte’s car care center is here to help - check out these quick, easy, and affordable tips to keep your car’s interior cool all summer long no matter how hot it gets outside.

Toyota of N Charlotte’s top tips to keep your car cool this summer

Tip #1: Decide on a parking spot.

Your parking spot can actually have a pretty big effect on how cool your car stays during the summer. If you can swing leaving your N Charlotte Toyota in a parking garage or home garage, that’s ideal. However, a covered parking spot or carport can also work wonders in keeping your car’s interior temperature down. Not only that, you’re keeping your paint in better shape by protecting it from UV rays that can cause fading. If all else fails, our car care experts recommend trying to find a shady spot under a tree to provide some protection.

Tip #2: Cover your steering wheel.

Your steering wheel can get extremely hot in the sun, making it uncomfortable for you to pilot your car at the end of the day. An easy fix is to invest in a windshield sunshade; this will keep your steering wheel out of the sun and also protect your car’s interior from fading. Plus, it’ll keep the interior of your N Charlotte Toyota cooler overall. Another quick summer car care fix is to throw a towel or shirt over your steering wheel or to turn it 180 degrees so that the top is out of the sun all day long.

Tip #3: Cool things down quickly.

Opening your door at the end of a summer day can feel quite similar to opening an oven when the weather is hot enough. Toyota of N Charlotte’s car care experts have tips on how to cool it down quickly so you don’t sweat the entire ride home! First, open all of your car doors at once. This allows a lot of hot air to quickly escape. Next, roll down the windows and turn your air conditioner all the way up - this will help force hot air out and get cold air circulating quickly. Finally, roll up all the windows to seal in the cold air and keep you cool all the way home.

And don’t forget - routine car care at Toyota of N Charlotte will help keep you cool all summer long, too. And our car care center additionally offers affordable A/C repairs to help you stay comfortable behind the wheel no matter the weather outside.

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