Petition created to support Ardrey Kell HS principal

Petition created to support Ardrey Kell HS principal

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A petition has been created to keep Ardrey Kell High School principal David Switzer on the job.

The petition comes after another petition was created asking for Switzer to resign.

Students and parents are frustrated by the repeated racial incidents that have happened at the school since Switzer has been principal. He has been there since the school opened in 2010.

The latest racial incident happened last weekend.

Someone vandalized the school rock that highlighted Black Lives Matter and the names of African Americans killed by police.

Students gathered Monday to repaint the rock.

The petition in support of Switzer states the Switzer is hurt by the racial incidents and is helping students get through the difficult times.

The petition also states this about Switzer: “For several years we have been engaged in multiple trainings on implicit and explicit bias and on diversity, and last summer he bought copies of The Hate U Give for the entire faculty to read and learn from. We have engaged in teacher-led book studies on this book and others, focused specifically on better serving our minority students. Our training has gone beyond district requirements because of the level of Mr. Switzer’s commitment to this.”

Ashley Harvey, who has a rising junior at Ardrey Kell High School, signed the petition.

“There’s two sides to every coin,” Ardrey Kell HS Parent Ashley Harvey said. “And I hope it shows a side of those who definitely see 24-7-365 the work that he is doing.”

The petition also states that under Switzer’s leadership African American students have excelled academically.

Harvey thinks that should mean something and show Switzer supports all students.

“From all of my observations over the past several years, he’s been nothing but fair in every dealing I have had with him," Harvey said. "He’s been very fair and a kind person and I think that speaks for how he runs the school day in and day out.”

Harvey was asked about the feelings of students who think Switzer is part of the problem at the school. He says they have a right to voice their opinion - he does too.

The petition says it is not dismissing the racial incidents that have happened at the school. Supporters say that is happening everywhere and Switzer shouldn’t be the blame for them.

“I do think when you look at the track record of Ardrey Kell over the last number of years,” Harvey said. “It is consistently ranked one of the top schools in the state and I think that’s largely due to the leadership of Mr. Switzer.”

CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston has said he will do what is in the best interest of the Ardrey Kell HS students.

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