Petition calls for Ardrey Kell HS Principal to resign

Petition calls for Ardrey Kell HS Principal to resign

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Former Ardrey Kell High School students have started a petition to ask for the resignation of Principal David Switzer.

The former students are calling for new leadership after constant racial incidents that have happened at the school through the years.

Recently, somebody vandalized the school rock that highlighted Black Lives Matter and had the names of black people who were killed because of violence. No word who did the vandalism but former students believe Switzer should be responsible.

“Mr. Switzer likes to take accountability for Ardrey Kell’s accomplishments,” one former student said. “So he also needs to be held accountable and take responsibility for not the best that’s outside Ardrey Kell. He is head leadership there.”

The students who created the petition wants to remain anonymous. Everyone in the group has graduated but are still connected to the school.

“I still have siblings who go to the school,” the former student said. “And I fear retaliation.”

The goal of the petition is to get 2,500 signatures, but some people have been leaving reasons why they agree with the resignation. One former student wrote she remembers Switzer asking her to remove her Nigerian scarf, but allowed white boys in the classroom to keep their hats on.

“Some of these comments stretch back to experiences students had over 10 years ago,” the former student said. “So I think the most recent incidents we have seen at Ardrey Kell are just indicative of a deeper, longer problem.”

A petition was also created to keep Principal Switzer on the job. By Saturday, it had more than 3,000 signatures.

CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston says he is aware of the petitions and says he will do what is in the best interest of the students.

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