Charlotte still planning for RNC as possibility of lawsuits looms

Published: Jun. 4, 2020 at 12:07 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charlotte City Attorney Patrick Baker said that the city is still planning to host the Republican National Convention despite comments made by President Donald Trump on Twitter that republicans would be seeking another state to host the convention. Baker made the comments during a news conference Monday as sources tell WBTV that the possibility of a lawsuit over the site of the convention is very real.

Baker said that the city and other stakeholders would be meeting with republican delegates on Thursday to talk about the convention. He said that it would take more than the President’s tweets to stop the planning process.

“Based on the communications that occurred last night we need to hear directly from the RNC in very plain terms what their expectations are,” Baker said.

In a statement made earlier on Wednesday an official from the Republican National Committee said "the celebration of the president’s acceptance of the Republican nomination will be held in another city. Should the governor allow more than 10 people in a room, we still hope to conduct the official business of the convention in Charlotte.”

But city officials said they still have not directly heard from the RNC and the city has a contract with them that Baker says hasn’t been breached by either party yet.

“We would expect that since we haven’t breached the contract and I’m not aware that any of the other parties have that the RNC would fulfill their obligations under the contract,” Baker said.

Baker was the only city official who spoke about the RNC during the news conference Wednesday.

During previous city council meetings Baker pointed out a clause in the contract that stated that both parties would follow all state and local laws. Baker says that would apply to any social distancing regulations put in place by Governor Roy Cooper.

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