S.C. school district temporarily stops food program after employee tests positive for COVID-19

Summer school lunches on hold in Chester County

CHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WBTV) - The coronavirus shut down schools months ago. It almost led to some students without the food they usually get at school.

Now, the coronavirus is shutting down a South Carolina district’s food program for two weeks.

“Chester County really isn’t a rich county at all. Any little bit of help is great.”

Kimberly Black bought extra food this week to offset the next two weeks her kids will not get school meals.

“Oh breakfast and lunch it was great,” says Black. “That was a big weight of my shoulders.”

Chester County School District stopped the food program when an employee serving and delivering the food tested positive for the coronavirus.

A facebook post from the school district says the employee did not have any symptoms, yet still tested positive.

Any employee that worked with him or her was told to quarantine for two weeks. That is why the Chester County School District says it has to stop its food program until then — each employee has to get medical clearance before returning to work.

Black thinks temporarily stopping the program was a good call, even though her students and others will go without the food from the district.

“By all means keep everybody safe healthy we don’t want all that,” she says.

To add to what she calls an already stressful situation, she says the district is keeping them in the dark. The district is not answering questions where the employee worked.

“Mass hysteria is the world’s biggest problem right now and not being specific on which school it was is causing mass hysteria,” she explains.

The district’s public information officer told WBTV she could not answer why the district cannot tell parents. She says she cannot go into further details than the press release.

The district says it will post more about when food will return on their facebook page by June 11th.

In the meantime, there is a group working to make sure these kids are fed the next two weeks.

Starting Wednesday, Fort Lawn Community Center will have bagged breakfast and lunch for the students. Executive Director Libby Sweatt-Lambert says sites to pick them will be in four locations. Sweatt-Lambert says the sites include a park in Richburg, the Community Center in Fort Lawn and Harmony Baptist church in Edgemoor. A location in Lando. The sites will continue Friday then Monday, Wednesday, Friday next week.

As far as other areas, GRASP will serve the Great Falls area and beyond. Churches around the town of Chester are coming together to serve the students in that area.

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