Local high school football coach Zach Bevilacqua speaks out against racism

Local high school football coach Zach Bevilacqua speaks out against racism

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Professional athletes and coaches using their voices to protest and speak out in this time of injustice, but a local high school football coach is using his platform as well to evoke change.

Zach Bevilacqua, who is the new head football coach at Central Cabarrus, exercised his right to stand up against racism in a tweet back on May 29th.

“It was really in my heart,” said coach Bevilacqua. Personally, I have been silent and as white people look at things and we are like ‘well, I have black friends’ or ‘I coach black football players’. Just because I’m not a racist doesn’t mean that I am standing up for justice for people. I have a voice that can be heard and I’m going to do my best to make it be heard."

Coach’s first day on the job at Central back in March was the last day of school due to the pandemic. Talk about a tough situation to walk into. He hasn’t had the chance to meet all his new players face to face yet.

Vikings Nation fans will be expecting big things from this team this season as they have one of the best player in the state returning in DeAndre Boykins. But wins and loses are the furthest thing on the mind of coach right now.

Even though he can’t meet with his team face to face at the moment, his zoom team meeting will start with a discussion on what is going on in America. This will be a tough conversation but one that has to happen in light of where we are in this country.

“I don’t have all the answers and I don’t have a lot of the answers. I do know the best thing I can do as a coach is I can open up dialogue with my players. I can open up dialogue with my peers. I can open up dialogue with my administration. What we have to do is appreciate everyone for who they are and open our heart to stop seeing stereotypes. We have to change the hearts of a person. We have to change the soul of who we are.”

And it all begins with a conversation... a very tough conversation.

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