20-year-old organizes peaceful protest in Charlotte’s SouthPark Monday afternoon

Demonstrators gather in Charlotte's SouthPark community

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Protesters marched streets in Charlotte’s SouthPark neighborhood Monday afternoon, walking along Morrison Boulevard and standing on street corners nearby.

The group chanted, held signs and spoke with police officers who joined the walk.

“We have more of a voice if we keep it peaceful,” organizer Autumn Dixon said. “If it’s not peaceful, then we’re not being heard, because it’s just chaos.”

The 20-year-old’s goal for the protest in SouthPark was to keep things peaceful throughout the afternoon.

“Not all police want to hurt us,” protester Landon Blacknall said. “But there’s things in the system that they can’t help, that makes all police look bad. I think that if we don’t come together, we won’t solve anything, and I think the most American thing we can do is protest, peacefully.”

The group marched along Morrison Boulevard, from Barclay Downs Drive to Sharon Road.

“I’m tired of seeing the protests in our own community, and our community being destroyed. I felt this would be the safest option for us today," Dixon said.

Dixon coordinated with police, who road alongside protesters on the street, while they walked the sidewalk. Some walked alongside, talking with protesters. Some also knelt alongside them and received water from protesters.

Dixon said she brought the group together after the events in Minnesota, and some in her own life.

“I think that it’s sad that we still have to express why as humans, that we have to be treated with respect and equality," Dixon said to the group over the megaphone.

The protesters in SouthPark Monday said they have seen other protests in Charlotte take a different approach, some getting violent.

That was not their goal.

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