Pandemic throws wrench in senior triplets’ seasons

Pandemic throws wrench in senior triplets’ seasons
The Pennington triplets are all missing senior sports seasons because of the pandemic. (Source: Pennington family)

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - We all hear stories about seniors having unique and bittersweet final years. But this is the first story I’m hearing about three siblings in one family -- all seniors -- all three who are missing out.

Meet the Pennington triplets. Lille, Seth and Grace, in Catawba County. Some parents have one student graduating, maybe even two, but it’s quite rare to find a household of three seniors stuck in quarantine.

They all go to Bunker Hill High School.

All three have played baseball and/or softball their whole lives. All three, I’m told, were looking forward to having their senior seasons -- typically a spotlight year. All three miss their teams and sports hugely.

“To some it’s just a game, but them it has been their life,” said their aunt Casey Coffey. “Not just one kid without their season... but three broken hearts in one family.”

It’s great to put faces with these headlines. Saying, “no senior year” makes a factual point, but seeing these three faces makes it feel more personal.

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