Changes are coming to many barbershops, salons for safety reasons

Updated: May. 23, 2020 at 10:20 PM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - You’re no longer forced to get an at-home haircut.

Barbershops and salons are back in business now that Gov. Roy Cooper is moving forward with his second phase to reopen North Carolina.

Some stylists are making changes to protect their clients and places have been pretty busy to start the weekend.

People looking to get a trim could be waiting up to four hours at some places.

With so many people looking to get groomed, hair salons like Styles by Lisa are changing things on the inside for your safety.

Inside, plastic curtains sit in between each washbowl.

It’s necessary, according to stylist Norman Devon.

He said the separation is to try and stop germs and the virus from spreading.

A further look inside the shop and you’ll find plexiglass in between each hairdryer. This makes it hard to touch the person next to you.

“Some people are here for two or three hours sometimes, so, I don’t want them to be here for three hours and feel like, “Oh my God. I am okay?” I want to make sure that they know walking in that I’m safe, I’m good. This is a nice place to be,” Devon said.

The changes don’t stop there.

Every client has to wear a mask, even the stylists.

Lisa Fuller, which is who owns the salon, runs the shop with her husband.

She said that adding masks into the mix is not as simple as it sounds.

“It makes it hard to breathe sometimes. We also have a shield as well, but that too makes it hard to see sometimes. You know when we’re styling and stuff because we’re using heat and stuff like that,” Fuller said.

But if it’s what she has to do to continue to be in business, Fuller said she’s going to do it.

She said she was uncomfortably close to emptying her savings account while being out of work due to the stay at home order that shut all salons down for weeks.

“Yeah it’s been scary," Fuller said. “If it would’ve been longer, it probably would’ve been really, really hard."

For many stylists, it’s not only about money, it’s about being able to make people feel good.

Some find salons as a form of therapy.

Getting a wash and a new style can be a boost of confidence.

Even Devon said that being back at work, to see his co-workers and clients, is like a family reunion.

“It is very much a reunion. It’s one that’s well needed and wanted,” Devon said.

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