South Carolina entertainment venues now open for business during COVID-19 pandemic

SC entertainment venues can now reopen

FORT MILL, SC (WBTV) - Certain entertainment venues can now open in South Carolina after being closed for about two months during the coronavirus pandemic.

Businesses that can now reopen in the Palmetto state are zoos, museums, planetariums, historic buildings, waterparks, amusement parks, go-kart tracks, bingo facilities and miniature golf.

The state offered guidance on how businesses should greet customers once again.

The owner at Mr. Putty’s Fun Park, Rob Casatelli, said he followed the procedures.

“Making sure we are enforcing social distancing,” Casatelli said. “Enforcing proper and clean hygiene, sanitation of all apparatuses and facilities and common areas, bathrooms and practicing common sense.”

Casatelli said he is partnering with a cleaning company to make sure his business is safe for customers.

People didn’t mind coming to Mr. Putty’s on Friday while practicing social distancing and visiting entertainment venue.

“We’ve been cooped up in the house for a while,” customer Mary Alina-Shipley said. “We grabbed our masks and decided to come to Mr Putty’s and have a little fun.”

Casatelli said golf clubs and golf balls are only used once during the day.

After they are used, they are soaked overnight in a cleaning solution to be used the next day.

He is also telling customers that if they are not feeling well to not visit. When it comes to masks, that will be up to customers, but they would be required for staff.

“Our concern with our staff wearing masks is the fact that they possibly overheat a little bit,” Casatelli said.

Also opening is Hometown Escapes, a place where people go into a room and figure out the clues to escape the room.

That entertainment venue has been closed for about two months.

There will be new procedures in place to keep customers safe, and there will only be allowed eight people in the room.

“People you have been socially distancing with are the ones that will be in the room with you,” Hometown Escapes owner Lori Merill said.

Merrill said there will be an entrance and an exit to prevent people from crossing paths.

She said customers will pay in advance so there will be no contact between customer and worker.

“We do request people bring mask,” Merrill said. “If they don’t, we have them available.”

It appears people are ready to get out to start their Memorial Day Weekend.

“When we announced we were opening, our phones did start going off the hook,” Merrill said. “When are you open? What day can we book a room? How soon can we get in? It’s been great people have responded that way.”

People in South Carolina say they are excited they now have more options but they also say they realize a pandemic is still happening and say they will proceed with caution.

“Keep in mind it’s about the balance,” Alina-Shipley said. “Just take the precaution we are supposed to.”

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