Super Senior: Daikwon Redfearn

Super Senior: Daikwon Redfearn

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Daikwon Redfearn is disappointed his senior year turned upside down because of COVID-19.

He attends Harding University High School. He is on the boys’ tennis team and a student leader.

Redfearn dreamed of walking across the stage to get his high school diploma.

“This is a moment that you’ve wanted to cherish, and fulfill for so long," Redfearn said.

Redfearn said that while school was closed, he was busy preparing for his future.

He was filling out scholarships to help fund his college education. He said life for him has been challenging but he is on his way to make history in his family.

“Growing up it’s been hard overall, of course,” Redfearn said. “Growing up in a family that didn’t have income - growing up in a family where no one went to college or graduated from college.”

Redfearn said he was accepted to 22 colleges and will attend North Carolina Central University.

He wants to major in elementary education and minor in communication and make a difference in young people’s lives.

“A lot of students may not have technology,” Redfearn said. “Or that role model they need in order to become better than what they currently are.”

Redfearn said that his senior year will never be forgotten and that lessons have been learned.

“Don’t take everything for granted as a lot of us were,” Redfearn said. “Going to school and we were like when is school going to end - when is it going to speed up and versus now - a lot of us want to go back to school.”

Redfearn said he will turn this disappointment into motivation, and COVID-19 will not hold him back.

“When I go to college - what,” Redfearn said. “I want to excel. I want to go hard. I want to show everybody that that did not set me back. I may have lost a lot of information I was supposed to possess, but it didn’t hold me back.”

He said he is excited about his future and that this health scare will push him to greatness.

“I believe hard work has hard work outcomes,” he said. “As long as you are working hard you are going to be the best you are going to be - if and I feel like if you can’t handle my worse you can’t handle my best.”

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