Virtual BINGO with UNC Charlotte football team

Virtual BINGO with UNC Charlotte football team

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Charities are having to get creative in how they create human interaction. Local charity Dream On 3 recently helped 12 kids who live with Down syndrome by hosting them in a virtual Bingo game with the UNC Charlotte football team. You could call it, a digital daydream.

Nicholas Hopkins, from Kannapolis, was just one of the kids involved in what became a highly-intricate virtual game of B-I-N-G-O.

“I am so lucky, that I got this just for me,” he said as he opened a big surprise box he received in the mail. “And I am so, so happy.”

Inside the box were gifts, BINGO cards, and an invitation from Dream On 3 and the football players to join them in a game on Zoom.

Dream On 3 worked with the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Charlotte and the Special Olympics of Cabarrus County to identify kids who’d like to play.

Kelsey Leyton, from Harrisburg, also got a surprise box in the mail, and was invited to play.

“I had so much fun!” she said.

Cameron Dollar was one of the UNC Charlotte football players who took part.

“I was just thankful to be part of something so pure,” he said. “Just to see the kids laugh, smile and interact with each other, especially in this time of need, was truly special. I had a tons of fun. Got some free gear. And most importantly, made some new friends.”

Being that in this COVID time there are no real rules for how things SHOULD run, Dream On 3 ended up making this a two-part evening, with the 12 kids split between the two evenings, and two football players on each night.

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