Molly’s Kids: Ally Davis marks big time 1-year celebration

Molly’s Kids: Ally Davis marks big time 1-year celebration
Molly’s Kids: Ally Davis marks big time 1-year celebration (Source: WBTV)

CABARRUS COUNTY, N.C. (WBTV) - Today marks one year from Ally Davis’s stem cell transplant. May 14th. A complete whirlwind for their family -- says her dad -- but Ally never flinched once.

This 15-year-old Cabarrus County girl is beating cancer a second time. She turns 16 at the end of May and has already lived a lifetime of adult experiences.

Besides the fact Ally set a record for shortest-hospital-stay-post-transplant (only 16 days), she has also continued to work on building her foundation, the Team Ally Foundation, where she helps other pediatric cancer patients. She also raised over $60,000 for blood cancer research.

Also, in this time where we're all quite aware of germs and dirt, Ally has been immune-comprised for over a year. She had social distancing precautions long before the rest of us as she fought and fought to return to school at Cabarrus-Kannapolis Early College. She missed her entire spring semester last year (because of transplant and recovery) but was promoted with the understanding she'd make up her work.

She has. It hasn't been easy -- her school works at a super-fast pace because students simultaneously finish high school and an associate degree in four years -- but she did it. Ally made up her entire "sophomore" year, while taking her current classes, and her many doctor/clinic visits and surgeries.

Her dad tells me that once she completes her chemistry test today, she is finished.

Not only that, she'll finish this year with honors.

Ally has decided she wants to go to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (GREAT CHOICE, ALLY) and become a pediatric oncology nurse.

We've been following her journey through #MollysKids since her first diagnosis, many years ago. Her family must be ready explode with pride because I take one look at this confident almost-16-year-old and get teary-eyed.

Congrats on the one-year mark, Ally. We love you.


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