Concerts during coronavirus? They’re happening for free with social distance in one CLT neighborhood

Concerts during coronavirus? They’re happening for free with social distance in one CLT neighborhood

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you’ve been missing concerts, there’s one local musician here in Charlotte who may have a fix for you.

Since restrictions began in North Carolina due to the coronavirus pandemic, one home in Plaza Midwood has hosted a concert played for free with social distancing enforced.

Local musician Josh Daniel puts on the shows and says they stay safe and socially distant because people gather on their porches, on bikes throughout the neighborhood.

Every one of his shows each day for the past two months has also been live-streamed online.

It started as a way to try and make ends meet for his family and ended up being something much more.

“We had tons and tons of gigs scheduled for the spring and summer. And of which all got canceled," said Daniel.

Concerts are how Josh supports his family, including young son Sonny who has a rare genetic brain syndrome.

So Daniel got creative.

“I said, You know, I think I can, I think I can go live every day and get some tips and we can keep, you know, keep paying our bills like that," said Daniel.

He started strumming a serenade for his Plaza Midwood neighbors to feel some normalcy.

“Sit in the street and drink a beer and watch him at his house," said Joe Fortier, a neighbor and COVID-concert attendee. “There’s something to look forward to every day instead of your four walls."

Nearly 60 days of shows later Josh is still playing, now reaching thousands of people he doesn’t know stuck at home during the pandemic.

Spirit Leatherwood is from Oregon and has tuned in to almost every single daily concert.

“He’s made feel just a little bit more hopeful and you wouldn’t think that you would have the same connection, you know, with this distance. But what I’m finding is that we do still feel connected," said Leatherwood. “I don’t think we should underestimate somebody playing for that many days in a row, like being vulnerable.”

That vulnerability hit hard when Sonny had to have mandatory brain operation right in the middle of the pandemic.

“I think on the 14th day, my little boy had a major surgery, that, um, he was in the hospital for seven days," said Daniel.

Josh then decided his concerts would give back so other kids like Sonny could get the surgeries they need.

“What we’re doing is we’re raising money to, to help with the hardware that goes in, in the skull for these and to pay for that. So some children overseas can get this operation," said Daniel.

Thankfully Sonny made it out of the NICU and Josh is still sharing his music every single day.

“His passion for the foundation that he is earning donations for, and he’s just a humble genuine man," said Leatherwood.

Daniel is still offering up free concerts and auctioning off a personalized concert for individual people. The money you donate goes to help other kids like Sonny get life-saving help.

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