Woman claims apartment has mold, mildew and gaping hole

Charlotte woman frustrated by apartment issues

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Mold, mildew, and a large hole in the middle of the ceiling in her new apartment - and a local woman says that is only the beginning of her problems. Frustrated, she called the WBTV tip line for help.

Aunjelis McNeill has submitted 7 maintenance requests in the first 8 weeks after moving in. She says it’s gotten so bad that she now fears for her son’s safety inside their apartment.

“My apartment is a mess,” McNeill said.

McNeill in March moved into the Andover Woods Apartments. She says the problems began almost immediately.

McNeill says when it rains outside, it pours inside.

“The water damage hasn’t been taken care of, the mold hasn’t been tested in my apartment at all with the mildew and everything. You can smell the mold and the mildew in my son’s room,” said McNeill.

Water is leaking in from the ceiling and from the siding.

In total, she’s made 7 maintenance requests, but maintenance has only been to her apartment twice.

One of the biggest issues is inside McNeil’s four-year-old son’s room.

She says on March 27, she called the apartment about her son’s ceiling leaking. Nearly 1-month later, on April 21, she says someone finally came out and tore into the ceiling, creating a hole.

"He came up in here and cut it and tried to look at the wood, but then he patched it up with a trash bag and never came back in to do anything else with it so it’s just been raining through the trash bag.”

However, she says the leaking ceiling is only part of the problems.

“They said my apartment was newly renovated, but my door on the outside, it wont lock.”

McNeil apparently isn’t the only person to file a complaint. WBTV Investigates looked into The Better Business Bureau‘s report on Andover Woods.

The report indicates the complex is owned by Dasmen Residential, which according to the BBB, has an F rating online.

Katherine Grove, Sr. Regional Manager at Dasmen Residential provided this statement to WBTV:

“Thank you for giving us the opportunity to explain the facts. Ms. McNeill’s unit was treated by a professional extermination company on April 21, 2020. There was an exterior leak that intruded into Ms. McNeill’s apartment. As with exterior leaks, the cause could be many things - roof leaks, siding leaks, foundation, etc. Troubleshooting was required to determine the actual source of the leak in the apartment building. After a couple of repairs, it was identified that the leak was coming from the siding, and was dripping onto Ms. McNeill’s ceiling. The siding repair was done on May 2nd. This is a two-step repair, which requires the siding to be removed and put back on at a later date to be sure that the leak was 100% fixed. The siding is scheduled to be put back on after our next rainstorm. The ceiling has a cosmetic flaw and is not holding any moisture. That repair was also scheduled for after the next rainstorm. Despite believing that we have treated the circumstance with the utmost care, we offered a transfer for Ms. McNeill yesterday in good faith. Our priority is always resident care and satisfaction.”

“I don’t want to move out of here, I’ve already settled in, but I don’t want my son to be exposed to mold and mildew and possibly asbestos. It’s not healthy for a four-year old you know.”

McNeill says, she is now in talking with Andover Woods to let her out of her lease, so she can move into a new complex.

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