About 60.5 percent of NC COVID-19 patients have recovered as state releases more data

N.C. announces more than 60 percent recovery in COVID-19 cases

(WBTV) - North Carolinians are looking for a feeling of optimism during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Phase 1 of the state’s reopening process began on Friday, which allowed more businesses to resume serving customers.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services now says it is going to provide estimated numbers of those who are presumed to have recovered from Coronavirus.

Dr. Mandy Cohen, Secretary of the NCDHHS, says that approximately 60.5 percent of people who contracted the virus in North Carolina have recovered.

That number who have recovered from the virus in North Carolina is at 9,115.

You can find all of the NCDHHS data here.

“I’m putting the numbers out today, in terms of recovery,” Cohen said. “As always, we need to get more information as we go. We need to know if people have been hospitalized in the course of their illness, and that changes the math.”

As of Monday afternoon, there have been 15,045 cases of Coronavirus across 99 counties in North Carolina. More than 460 people are currently hospitalized.

According to the NCDHHS, there is an estimated median time to recovery of 14 days from the date of specimen collection for non-fatal COVID-19 cases who were not hospitalized.

Cohen said that the estimated median recovery time is 28 days from the date of specimen collection for hospitalized non-fatal COVID-19 cases.

“It is important to note that patients’ actual recovery times could be shorter or longer depending on the severity of illness,” Cohen said.

Cohen said doctors and scientists do not yet know if patients who have recovered are protected with natural immunity from getting COVID-19 again.

The recovery data will be updated at 4 p.m. each Monday.

“I think this was our first step at trying to give folks our best estimate here based on what we know about the virus and about recovery times,” Cohen said. “We will continue to put as much information on our website as we can to give everyone an accurate picture of what’s going on in North Carolina.”

The NCDHHS tracks confirmed cases in North Carolina, deaths, cases by zip code and now recoveries.

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