First day of ‘Feed Our Truckers’ fundraiser was success serving nearly 100 drivers

Group delivers food to truck drivers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Truck drivers are working longer hours than usual as they deliver much-needed supplies and food to stores across North Carolina.

So - a group of people from Cabarrus County wanted to make sure truckers knew they were appreciated.

We first told you about their fundraiser last week, where they raised thousands of dollars to help give free meals to truck drivers to say thank you.

Wednesday was the first day handing out the food, where they handed out nearly 100 meals to drivers.

Dozens of drivers pulled over and received their free BBQ sandwich and sides. Drivers say they are busier than ever and say this act of kindness meant a lot to them.

“It’s a great thing, it means so much,” said one UPS driver.

The fundraiser’s organizer, Chad Christy, came up with the idea to thank drivers after he said he was at a truck stop and realized they were having a hard time getting a hot meal.

“I got to looking at the truckers at the truck stop with nothing,” said Christy, who was a truck driver himself for nearly 15 years. “They had nothing to eat. They were just sitting there. I said “Babe, we got to do something.'”

He called his friend over at BrickHouse Grill in Concord, who agreed to provide the meals at cost for $5 a plate. They put together BBQ sandwishes in to-go boxes for the drivers.

“It’s very difficult for us to go to places and eat. This is the first meal I’ve had in a restaurant since it’s started. I’ve been eating in the truck most days," said the UPS driver.

“I think it went very well. Scary at some points. But it was awesome. Even had one gentlemen crying. It was touching, this has been well worth it," said Christy.

Next weekend, they have permission to hand out the food at a truck stop making it easier for the drivers to pull over.

They hope to feed hundreds more drivers over the next couple of weeks, until the donation money runs out.

You can donate by clicking on this link: Feeding Our Truckers

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