Getting help if you don’t qualify for the stimulus check

Some people not getting stimulus money

LANCASTER, S.C. (WBTV) - People continue to receive the stimulus checks in response to the coronavirus. While some have had to wait longer than others, some are not receiving a check at all.

“There are people who need this check who haven’t had it,” one person said.

If someone is claimed as a dependent on someone else’s taxes, that person cannot get a stimulus check.

”We could all go under at any time.”

Chase Mungo is in that situation.

By day, he is a physical education teacher at a school in Monroe. By night, he is a student at the University of South Carolina Lancaster.

He, like most, expected a stimulus check, but Chase was claimed as a dependent and is ineligible.

”I just don’t really understand why I don’t get a check because I’m a dependent but I’m still 19 trying to help support my family," says Mungo.

Mungo’s mom claimed him because he lives at home. He is 19, which means no 500 dollar check for his mother either. Dependents only qualify for a check if they are under 17.

”You feel like there’s a wet blanket laying over you with stress because something’s weighing you down," says Mungo.

That stress left Mungo and his family questioning what could be done.

WBTV made a call to the South Carolina Department of Employment and Workforce (SC DEW) to find out. Chief Administrative Officer Jamie Suber did not have time to interview, but did explain what is available.

He says people in Mungo’s situation should apply for unemployment insurance. If a person do not qualify for that, Suber says look into pandemic unemployment assistance (PUA). PUA is available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Similar to unemployment insurance benefits, PUA gives up to 39 weeks of benefits. Suber says those who cannot get federal or state help should apply, but it is still subject to scrutiny.

“Unemployment Insurance is complex, and it’s our task as an agency to balance state law and the new federal regulations handed down through the CARES Act," says Suber.

Suber says someone might not know if he or she is eligible until you apply. If someone still need help, Suber encourages going onto the SC DEW website and looking for a temporary job.

”If you find yourself looking for work during this difficult time, we have a list of hot jobs from employers who are hiring right now," he says. “You also have the ability to apply for jobs through our SC Works Online Services (SCWOS) portal.”

For Mungo, he hopes something can be done soon so the burden of financial stress can be lifted.

”You can try to ignore it all you want but when you have financial problems that right there beside you," says Mungo.

For more information on the pandemic unemployment assistance, it can be found here. Here is a video of how to apply.

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