Lifelong friends team up to help feed truck drivers in Concord area

Lifelong friends team up to help truck drivers

CONCORD, N.C. (WBTV) - Two lifelong friends from Concord are working together to help bring hot meals to truck drivers on the road.

Drivers are facing challenges when it comes to eating on the road because of restrictions on restaurants due to COVID19. They can’t dine inside and they can’t physically go through the drive-thru because of their trucks.

So Chad Christy and Eric Key are raising money to provide them hot meals.

“I got to looking at the truckers at the truck stop with nothing,” said Christy, who was a truck driver himself for nearly 15 years. “They had nothing to eat. They were just sitting there. I said “Babe, we got to do something.'”

Christy says most trucks can’t fit through a drive-thru because the truck is too big or it can’t make the sharp 90 degree turns many drive-thrus require.

Some restaurants on the road closed their dining rooms altogether so truckers can’t go inside to order. You can order at some restaurants on the road, like McDonald’s but then drivers are required to eat inside their trucks.

“They won’t let them walk up to order, which I don’t agree with," Christy said. "How are they getting fed? They’re going into the store and buying a can of beanie weenies or Vienna weenies and that’s what they’re eating. I couldn’t do it.”

So Christy called his life long friend, Eric Key, who owns Brickhouse Grill in Concord, and they started the fundraiser, “Feeding Our Truckers.”

“Once a week, we’ll go out and feed 100 truckers. That’s the plan," said Key.

Key is giving the food to the fundraiser at cost, which makes it $5 a plate to feed a driver. He said his restaurant will not profit at all from the fundraiser.

Key said he wished he could donate the food, but during COVID19, he’s already operating his restaurant at a loss.

“People don’t realize that truckers are what makes Americans who we are," said Christy.

Right now, they raised enough money to feed about 100 drivers, but they want to feed hundreds more.

They’re hoping the community shows supports and to say thank you to the drivers by donating.

“If it weren’t for them, you wouldn’t have nothing in Walmart to buy, you wouldn’t have nothing in food lion to cook. They deliver your food, they deliver your clothes,” Christy said.

“I get four truckloads per week. I cant feed anyone without the truck drivers," said Key.

You can donate by clicking on this link: Feeding Our Truckers

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