Just like toilet paper, workout equipment is hard to find

Updated: Apr. 25, 2020 at 11:11 PM EDT
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HICKORY, N.C. (WBTV) - You’ve either started to workout at home, are thinking about it, or know someone who is.

Even with gyms closed, working to stay in shape is becoming more of the popular thing to do.

The fitness industry is one industry that’s not hurting so much with the stay at home orders.

Just like toilet paper is hard to find, gym equipment also isn’t as easy, unless you look at the New and Used Gym Store in Hickory where your chances are a lot better.

Janelle White and her husband Scott own it.

You can call this place the holy grail of all your fitness needs - treadmills, ellipticals, yoga mats, kettlebells, you name it. Janelle White says the dumbbells are usually the first to go as the demand is clearly high.

“The back of my warehouse was full and overflowing with dumbbells. [Now] you can see there’s nothing there,” she said.

Shipments of workout equipment from the warehouse used to go strictly to gyms, but now that those spaces are closed, Janelle and her husband are doing business directly with people looking to create their own little gym at home.

“Because they’re going to work out, they’re doing it which is really great. I’m glad that we were allowed to remain open,” said Janelle Scott.

Janelle Scott also says business is great, but that doesn’t mean she or her customers won’t suffer from the virus in some way. She’s ordered weights and racks from other countries, and all that stuff is locked away on a ship in quarantine until further notice.

“We can’t get it. It’s in the water. There’s a lot of plates and dumbbells and everything,” Janelle Scott said.

So she’s selling what she has which way more than what many stores have at the moment. As she meets people looking to perfect their bodies, she says the energy is always positive with her customers. It’s something the virus isn’t strong enough to overcome.

“They’re just so driven to get better, to get stronger and get healthy despite having so many obstacles in their way,” Janelle Scott said.

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