Get coffee, shop, help local business & addiction recovery all at one spot in Charlotte

Community Matters Cafe helps with recovery in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - We know a lot of you are missing your normal way of life, so we found a place that makes you feel like things are going to be ok, even though everything is so different right now.

You can get great coffee, go jewelry shopping, meet inspiring people and give back to people who need help during this pandemic all at the same spot.

Community Matters Cafe is a spot in the heart of Charlotte that first opened to help the men and women of the city to thrive after overcoming addiction.

They say every cup of coffee they serve changes lives.

“Before I started on this path, I was one of those hopeless people. I didn’t think there was any hope for my wife. I thought my wife was over pretty much and that I was just destined to what I was living in addiction and going back and forth to jail, that sort of thing,” said Cindie Farrell, a graduate of the Dove’s Nest Program.

She went through recovery treatment that is funded from coffee sales here at the cafe, and after graduating came to work at the cafe.

“These people have never left me since I came through this program. They’ve never left me they’ve never let me go, you know. And so I just had a lot of faith in this program,” said Farrell.

It’s not just coffee they are serving at the cafe. They also have jewelry, mugs, bags and gifts for sale, all created by women in the community working to get their lives on track after going through recovery programs through Fashion and Compassion.

“Recognizing all people are just people, we all have struggles. We all have, you know, scenarios in life and we’re, you know, crazy how, you know, few of us are only a couple decisions away of possibly ending up in the same spots, so it puts everything into perspective," said Chayil Johnson, chef at Commuity Matters Cafe.

When coronavirus hit, Community Matters Cafe transitioned their program to serve other nonprofits who needed help in the community by making thousands of meals to give away to groups like The Harvest Center.“We are a nonprofit that helps situationally homeless individuals and families. And so during this time, a lot of them have been affected tremendously by the pandemic and are having to stay home a lot more than they would have been previously,” said Terence Barber with The Harvest Center.

They are also selling families meals if you want to support the work they are doing.

This place has changed my life so much. I can’t stress enough how much for me, they’ve always been here for me since I’ve been in this program. Know that this place is my home, and about this place I could not have been alone," said Ferrell.

Every penny that comes from sales goes back into their recovery programs.

The cafe is open for coffe throughout the week from 9 am to 12 pm.

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