Union Co. sending cards to little girl whose Make-a-Wish trip, birthday were both cancelled

Union Co. sending cards to little girl whose Make-a-Wish trip, birthday were both cancelled

WAXHAW, N.C. (WBTV) - In Union County, a community is working to make sure a little girl does not feel alone on her birthday.

Soon-to-be-5-year-old Ivy Van Vorce in Waxhaw is already celebrating her birthday a little early this year. Her birthday is May 7, but already, there are dozens of cards coming into her P.O. box.

“It’s definitely restored my faith in humanity,” mom Phylicia says.

Ivy was born with a heart defect and is immune-compromised, so her family has to be extra careful right now.

Her mom put out a request on social media, asking people to send cards for Ivy’s birthday. In her short life, Ivy has already been through three procedures, two of them open heart surgeries.

Earlier this month, her Make-a-Wish trip to Disney World was cancelled.

“I had to tell her, and then I realized her birthday was a month away,” Phylicia Van Vorce says. “So, I was like, ‘Ivy, you probably can’t have a birthday party either.’”

So, without Disney, mom is now trying to make a new kind of magic, with the help of the community around her.

“We’re really hoping that we can collect a lot [of cards], so we can make that extra special,” Adrienne Bucklin at the White Rabbit Café says.

The Mineral Springs restaurant just opened amid Coronavirus restrictions.

“We were going to try to hold off, but we just couldn’t,” Bucklin says. “So, we decided to open as a takeout.”

You cannot dine inside there yet, but while visiting for takeout, you will find a box with Ivy’s smiling face, asking for cards.

“It’s a huge, big deal,” Bucklin says. “Because it means that people care. It means people are willing to stop whatever they’re doing, and take the time to think of her.”

Ivy plans to stick all the cards she receives on her bedroom walls, hoping to cover them all. Her mom says what they have received so far is overwhelming.

“I actually sat and cried in my car yesterday,” she says. “Because it was so much.”

Already, little Ivy has a simple message to the families on the other end of her special mail.

“I want to tell them thank you,” she says.

If you want to send Ivy a card, you can either drop it at White Rabbit Café, or send it to P.O. Box #1315, Waxhaw NC 28173.

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