Woman charged nearly double on AT&T bill; WBTV steps in to help

Woman charged nearly double on AT&T bill; WBTV steps in to help

With the unemployment rate reaching near all-time highs, we are all tightening our belts.

A local couple called WBTV after they tried to reduce their monthly phone bill, but instead of having it reduced, it more than doubled.

Judy Barnes and her husband Jamey are struggling like many to meet their monthly bills.

Looking for help, Judy contacted an AT&T associate for options to reduce their monthly phone bill.

“Our phone bill right now runs about $260, $265. She was saying that we should be around $160, possibly down to the $140 area," Barnes said.

According to Barnes, the AT&T representative couldn’t have been nicer on the call and offered her a discount to lower the monthly costs.

“You know, we were kind of financially strapped, so I did think about [it] and decided to move forward because I felt like it would save us in the long run," she said.

However, that so-called discount didn’t last long.

The bill arrived a few days later, and instead of going down, it more than doubled.

“Instead of it going down, it went to $554," Barnes said. "I haven’t been able to get any help to get it straightened out.”

Judy called WBTV for help.

WBTV called AT&T trying to figure out why her bill increased from $265 per month up to $554. It appears an AT&T associate made a billing error, actually adding services instead of reducing the bill.

At&T sent us this statement: “We have reached out to the customer and apologized to the customer for the billing error. We have credited her account.”

WBTV was able to help Barnes get back more than $500 and on to a new reduced plan that she and her family can now afford.

“I was getting nowhere, so I am absolutely grateful for your help in that," Barnes said.

For the inconvenience, AT&T has also offered the Barnes family an additional credit of $60.

WBTV was glad to have been able to resolve this issue.

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