Waiting on a stimulus check? Here are some reasons it hasn’t arrived.

WBTV Investigates: Stimulus check issues

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Dozens of people have reached out to WBTV saying they haven’t received their stimulus check yet. On Wednesday, many Americans woke up to find $1,200 deposited in their bank accounts from the IRS.

A WBTV Investigation found that some people who take advantage of bank products such as advances on tax refunds have not had the stimulus money deposited directly into their bank accounts.

“I went to Jackson Hewitt to do the early refund last year because I’m a single mother and I do have problems with money,” Treasa Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she’s tried contacting Jackson Hewitt about getting her tax refund with little luck. She’s had to go on the IRS website and enter additional information about wages and tips she’s earned over the past year.

She’s not sure when she’ll get her check and she doesn’t know what she’ll do in the mean time.

“I can’t go back to work until my job comes back because of the virus. What am I supposed to do?” Mitchell said.

Waiting on a stimulus check? Here are some reasons it hasn’t arrived.

WBTV spoke with Charlotte-based Means Income Tax Service about the problem. Owner Myrtle Means says she’s received over one hundred calls from customers wondering where their refunds are.

“We were bombarded with telephone calls,” Means said.

Means said she contacted the bank they work with and found that instead of direct depositing the money in customers’ accounts the IRS sent money directly to the bank. She says this has impacted people who received certain bank products like advances on tax refunds and payments for tax preparation.

Means says she’s telling her customers to file their 2018 and 2019 taxes if they haven’t done so already. The IRS is using direct deposit information from previous years to get people their money quickly.

The IRS has a payment tracker tool where people can log on to get information about the status of their stimulus check.

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