Man on a mission to feed the hungry during pandemic

Man serves under-served community

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - The community organization University City Family Zone is making sure people don’t go hungry during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Charles Robinson, who is with the organization, is spending around 15 hours a day making sure people get fed. It is estimated he is providing about 6,000 meals a week. He says people - from children to the elderly - need help.

“Some of our seniors are afraid to go out,” Robinson said. “We are going to make sure those seniors are eating. The folks living inside the hotels - everybody understands their challenges.”

Robinson is also making sure the Hispanics are getting fed, too. Some are too afraid to go out in public - they fear they will be targeted.

“That’s a part of our community, too,” Robinson said. “So I just see human beings - regardless of what anybody thinks. I see human beings. I love them - we’ll continue to love on them.”

Robinson says to provide all these it takes a community effort. He provides three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The food is all donated, and he’s amazed at how the community has stepped up.

“One of the chicken companies on Orr Road just called us," Robinson said. "And we are going to give you 100 cases of chicken to make sure we partner in - to sow into what we are doing.”

The meals are making their way to trailer parks, hotels where people who can’t afford to buy a home in Charlotte, and apartment complexes.

Robinson is pleased The United Way has provided a $25,000 grant to help with his efforts.

“And with that grant we are going to be able to now feed three additional apartment complexes,” Robinson said.

Robinson is from Charlotte and knows how the Queen City comes together in times of crisis. He saw it last year when the community came together to address the high murder rate, and now he sees it when helping the less fortunate have food to eat during a pandemic.

He is grateful Northside Baptist Church is providing a kitchen to prepare the meals.

“Northside Church gave me a kitchen,” Robinson said. “What church gives you a full kitchen and doesn’t say I’m not going to charge you a dime? I couldn’t get that anywhere.”

The mission will still continue once this pandemic ends. Robinson says there is still work to do to help the community - and it’s work he is committed to.

“I’m just a piece of the puzzle that’s kind of driving this part of it,” Robinson said. “And I’m grateful to be a part of the team. I love Charlotte.”

If interested in volunteering, click here.

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