Millions in medical debt ‘paid in full’ by Charlotte church amidst coronavirus pandemic

Updated: Apr. 10, 2020 at 7:26 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Millions of dollars in medical debt was paid off by a local church for strangers in the Charlotte area.

Freedom House Church hopes to spread hope this Easter season during the battle against coronavirus.

People all throughout the Charlotte area went to check their mail and found letters that simply said “paid in full" for their medical debts.

“How can we be light when it feels like it’s dark?” said Penny Maxwell.

Penny and Troy Maxwell are senior pastors of Freedom House Church.

They have been thinking of ways for their church to give back since coronavirus pandemic swept through the Charlotte area.

“The calling of the church, overall, even before pandemics and issues is to reach their community to be what’s called a storehouse where people can come and get what they need,” said Troy Maxwell.

The need to pay off millions of dollars of medical debts weighing on some in the community, so even though finances are tight for everyone now, the church made a decision.

“To go in and wipe out $2 million worth of debt right here in our community. $902,000 of it was just in Charlotte Mecklenburg alone," said Penny Maxwell.

Tens of thousands of dollars in debt for people in other counties of our area showed up as paid in full at their doorsteps.

“Because those people right now we want them to focus on being able to feed their family to be able to pay their mortgage or their rent, and not worrying about the debt collector calling for those hospital bills that they can’t pay right now," said Penny Maxwell.

The pastors say members of Freedom House choosing to give and volunteer is what made it possible to spread this message of hope during the Easter season.

“I mean, blow me away as a pastor, how generous they’ve been in hard times. And that’s when you really need to step up, you’re giving when things are difficult," said Troy Maxwell.

The church does not know any of the identities of people whose debts were paid off to know how it impacted them, their goal was simply to share some hope today on Good Friday in the midst of the Easter season.

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