UNC Charlotte student, singer-songwriter believes COVID-19 test showed false negative

UNC Charlotte student, singer-songwriter believes COVID-19 test showed false negative

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Young singer-songwriter Tiffany Ashton posted a Kenny Rogers tribute video to Twitter before she felt the worst of a several weeks-long sickness.

“There was a week-long period, I couldn’t lift my mug off my dresser, I was so weak,” the 22-year-old says.

The UNC Charlotte senior says she went to the doctor and tested negative for both strep throat and the flu.

“[The doctor] was like, ‘You have all the symptoms for COVID, so we really just need to make sure,’” Ashton says.

As days went on, she says she felt a sore throat, and more weakness. She entered a self-quarantine, awaiting her results, which took much longer than expected.

“There was a seven-day period where walking across my bedroom felt like I had just finished a marathon,” she says. “It was horrible, it was miserable.”

She stayed in her room, not wanting to potentially infect any loved ones.

“My test was supposed to take three to four days to get back, and I kept calling and they were like, ‘Oh, the logs are backed up,’ which I understand,” she says. “But 14 days later, I got a negative test result back.”

Now, symptom-free, Ashton says she and her doctor question the test’s results.

“My doctor and I both were like, “’yeah, no, you’ve got COVID-19,’” she says, laughing.

Ashton decided to stay in self-quarantine a full 21 days. Her brother is immuno-compromised.

She believes she may be one of the false-negative COVID-19 test results, believing while her test showed she did not have it, she really did.

While she will not know for sure, the college student wants to make sure people around her, including those her age, are taking precautions seriously.

“I know my story isn’t the only like this,” she says. “I think of all the people who have no idea they have this and are endangering their loved ones right now.”

Ashton says her doctor told her, as long as she had symptoms, to consider herself positive and quarantine until she is symptom free for three days.

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