CMS approves “premium pay” for essential school district workers

CMS approves "Premium Pay" for essential school district workers

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board has approved “premium pay” for essential workers in the school district.

The school board added an emergency action item during Wednesday night’s meeting and passed it unanimously.

Board members approved a “premium pay” plan for any of their district employees still having to work and be essential at this time.

The plan would cover about 900 employees, at $1.3 million, and would start Monday April 13.

CMS Superintendent Earnest Winston says the plan offers incentive for any CMS employees who have to work on site during the coronavirus pandemic, including time and a half pay, plus a stipend.

The “premium pay” program is for CMS employees who are operating essential services on the 70 operating sites right now.

Employees who haven’t been staffing these sites, but choose to come back and work certain essential jobs, could also benefit from this new “premium pay” plan.

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