Carolina Panthers and NFL prepare for a virtual NFL Draft

Carolina Panthers and NFL prepare for a virtual NFL Draft

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - COVID-19 is about to change how the NFL Draft is conducted as for the first time ever, league officials, general managers, and coaches will do all their business online on draft night.

Video conferencing will be key for the Carolina Panthers as they will need scouts and coaches available to chat about picks. The process of setting that up has already begun. The big question now is how will the Panthers connect with the league to officially make the pick.

“We’re still waiting for all the details from the league on how the logistics will work,” said Panthers general manager Marty Hurney. “I think we feel we are prepared for any scenario that comes up.”

While team facilities are shut down and draft hopefuls can not travel to the facility for face to face meetings, team officials can still teleconference with the next class of draftees. Just a part of the adaptation of this year’s draft for all general managers.

Normally at this time, GM and scouts would travel all over the country going to Pro Days, but the lack of travel this time around just gives more time to be prepared for what is to come April 23rd - 25th.

“It gives us more time to watch tape because you are not traveling to Pro Days,” said Hurney. “We are going to feel as prepared going into this draft as if we would be if we were going to Pro Days. You just have to adjust. You have to just try and get as much information as you can. You do as many teleconferences calls with players. There’s always a lot of different ways to reach the same destination. I think we feel pretty good about how things are going at this point.”

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