WBTV presents Helpers & Heroes: Charlotte area unites during global pandemic

Part 1: Helpers & Heroes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - WBTV has dedicated an entire show to highlight positive stories about how helpers and heroes in our community have come together during the global coronavirus pandemic.

Part 2: Helpers & Heroes
Part 3: Helpers & Heroes
Part 4: Helpers & Heroes
Part 5: Helpers & Heroes
Part 6: Helpers & Heroes

An unknown virus for which humans have no immunity, and no vaccine, spreading from one small village in China, now to countries all around the world.

America tops this tough list, with our country having the most confirmed cases.

No, none of us could’ve predicted, but all of us are in charge of how we react.

Our daily lives are altered:

No more school, and many of us working from home, if we have a job at all. Unemployment claims are up across the Carolinas.

But tonight, some hope.

We’re all in this together. it’s the goodness in people that will pull our entire community through.

Your neighbors. Your families. Your schools. Our community healthcare workers, sanitation truck drivers, creative teachers and caring students.

There are helpers and heroes all around us. Many are people you might never think about.

The workers stocking grocery story aisles at 2 a.m., the grandmother who knows how to sew and is making masks in her living room, the people who donate their masks when they see a sick child needs one to survive.

Weeks into this altered world in which we live, and the goodness in people is pulling our entire community.

We have dedicated an entire show to these unsung saviors.

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