Richmond Senior football building team chemistry by working out online

Richmond Senior football building team chemistry by working out online

ROCKINGHAM, N.C. (WBTV) - We are 140 days from the start of high school football and Football Friday Night. Right now, teams are not allowed to work out together, but that hasn’t stopped Richmond Senior from putting work outs on Twitter as they build team chemistry.

“We’re just trying to find ways to keep in touch with our kids,” said Richmond Senior head football coach Bryan Till. “Find ways to be positive and have a great impact. It’s just a fun way to connect with the guys."

While schools and gyms are closed and all the weights are selling out in stores, coach Till looked around his house and started formulating workouts he could do with common things around him.

From jumping rope with some simple leftover rope to putting rocks in a bucket and lifting that, to even tying a rope to a lawn mower and pulling it, there is so much around the house that can be used in a workout.

“I like the lawn mower pull I did,” said coach Till. “That was uphill. That was probably the toughest one. In some of these workouts you hear me grunting and struggling but that’s alright. I don’t mind taking that ribbing if these guys are watching it and doing it"

And his players have bought in.

“C.J. Tillman did the lawn mower too but he one up me,” said coach. “He put the 100 pound bag on his and he was pulling. J.D. Lampley started doing some tire stuff. That young man is 6 foot 3 and 270 and that tire was up to his chin so I know it was big and heavy. It’s a good way for all of us to bond as we are separated."

But this goes deeper than just working out. It’s about keeping that connection with players and coaches.

“I don’t care how sappy it is, let’s continue to reach out to each other," said Till. "You never know, it might have been a couple of days since a guy has talked to anyone else. A lot of them are watching their siblings so I put a little video on with my little girl and she’s laughing and giggling but be with your siblings because they are going to enjoy that time together. Put your little brother or your sister on your shoulders and do a few squats and lunges and have a good time with it.”

Coach Till’s biggest hope is that through all of this, the players and everyone involved appreciate what we have when life finally gets back to normal.

“We are all appreciative right now, but when we come back let’s remember that,” said coach. “As bad as this sickness is, it’s going to end at some point. We are going to have the chance to get back and appreciate. So many times in life something happens to take things away, you don’t get a chance to go back and appreciate. I think we got to learn those lessons and move forward."

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