Local songwriter reminds us, you don’t have to touch someone, to touch someone’s heart

Man's inspiring song brings hope during pandemic

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - It was another Friday in Joe Baucom's "new normal" as vice president at a local steel company. Long hours working from his Charlotte home. He needed a break and stepped away from the computer.

He picked up his guitar, and, as he tells it, "The words just came to me."

His song, Reflections of Hope, is something we could all use.

With stay at home orders, and social distancing, Joe is certain, "You can touch someone in a lot of ways. You don't have to physically touch someone to touch their heart," he told me via Zoom.

At WBTV we couldn't agree more.

That's why we work to balance the tough updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, with stories about the small acts of kindness by our neighbors, regular people who have become true heroes.

"The professionals are doing their jobs to the greatest of their abilities, while risking their own lives. However, it's the ordinary people, the neighbors, the friends, just the people doing small things to help someone out. We're seeing more families in the neighborhood together. I think what we're learning is you really can touch someone in a lot more ways that just physically," Joe said.

Everyone finds something different in a song. I hold on to the simple four letter word in the song's title, hope.

Below words to “Reflections of Hope”

Wake up in the morning and you know the world aint right. See the sun shining but you just can't find the light. How could this have happened? And how many have to die, how easy it would be to just hang our heads and cry.

Nobody deserves this, no way that this is fair, so easy to give into the feelings of despair. Came at the world so quickly no way to understand. With all the helpers and the heroes seems like God reached out His hand.

You don't have to touch someone to touch someone A simple act of kindness go so far, leave a tip, blow a kiss, from six feet apart. They may not feel your lips, but they sure feel what's in your heart.

We can't go to church, but God don't care where we pray. Take out all the people it's just a building anyway.

Spend time with your family, FaceTime with your friends. Find your peace and know that soon all this will end.

Say a prayer for those who serve us, first responders one and all. Putting their lives on the line so we don't have to fall. To the doctors and the nurses, oh how many lives you've saved. You leave your fears outside the door..how could you be more brave.

You don't have to touch someone to touch someone, kindness is wide, kindness is long.

Let your kitchen be your dance floor take your partner for a spin. Through the grace of God may we never see this again. Oh thought of God, oh through the grace of God may we never see this again. Never again.

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