More home, business owners are turning to disinfection technicians for cleaning services

More home, business owners are turning to disinfection technicians for cleaning services

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you haven’t at least thought about how to keep your home clean to lower the risk of COVID-19 affecting your family, you’re most likely in a party of one.

Professional cleaning companies are in high demand right now, but there is a difference between cleaning and disinfecting according to experts.

Green Home Solutions, a company that offers disinfection services. Stephen Paddison owns the franchise in Charlotte.

Paddison says you could be the cleanest person in the world, but what we’re experiencing with the virus is forcing everyone to re-wire their minds about what it means to be clean and prevent germs from spreading.

“The level of hygiene and social distancing that’s required at the moment, it’s not something that people are trained for. It’s not something they practice every day,” said Paddison.

His team of technicians is in buildings, homes, and spaces that have seen the threat of COVID-19. They spray areas down with hospital grade disinfectant -- sometimes in places, you can’t naturally reach, like the ceiling. They also will run a fog machine to kill it – leaving the targeted area clean as a doctor’s operating table.

“Ideally 100%, but 99.9%” admitted Paddison.

Not everyone has the means to hire this type of service, but you have the power to tweak your own cleaning habits. Paddison says to pay close attention to areas you don’t usually clean, like doorknobs.

“Buttons on TV’s, on toilets, toilet lids, and seats, handles, just everything you put your hands on,”

Bleach and disinfectant wipes are good weapons in this battle against COVID-19, but that may be hard to find in stores right now. Paddison says traditional soap and water makes a good back up.

“We’ll all get through this. We’ll all get through this,” said Paddison.

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