Good news amidst coronavirus: Local teacher hosting live music classes for families

Updated: Apr. 2, 2020 at 7:39 AM EDT
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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - Students across the nation, and here in the Carolinas, are coping with major changes to the school year.

They’re learning from home, on a screen, separated from their teachers and peers.

In the midst of the challenges with such a change, we’re hearing stories about teachers taking an extra step.

That’s exactly what we found when we joined a music class lead by Mr. Kevin Brawley.

For students who tune in to the class, like Lily Culm, they say its changed the quarantine experience for them since her life has somewhat turned upside down because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“It’s changed a lot. I don’t have any more classes like no, like outside. Activities kind of, or sports and no school," said Lily.

Lily says quarantine away from school and friends has been sad and she misses her teachers who taught her lessons about how to deal with that feeling.

“If he knows something like feels wrong, we like, crumple it up and throw it out," said Lily.

Brawley is a music teacher at Torrence Creek Elementary School. He says he knew a lot things about the Coronavirus outbreak would feel wrong for his students.

“If I were to react any other way I wouldn’t be doing them the honor they deserve and wouldn’t give them the role model they deserve,” said Brawley.

With that in mind, he went beyond his usual lesson planning to create this live online music class for kids stuck at home.

“It’s amazing how he connects with these kids. And he really didn’t skip a beat at all. He immediately said I’m going to stay connected and came up with this plan," said Heather Culm, Lily’s mom.

Three times per week for 45 minutes kiddos like Lily gather by their computers, go outside if the weather is warm, clap their hands and learn about music.

“It makes me feel like feel happy like to like at least have something part of him in my life still and have some music,” said Lily.

It just has given her a sense of comfort I think during these difficult times," said Heather.

“The world needs more compassionate people and I wanna model that for my students,” said Brawley. “In times like this is when you demonstrate your character.”

“He is amazing. And I miss him. And that he’s done a lot for the whole world kind of," said Lily.

Kevin's class is every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:30 live on YouTube.

As many parents have become homeschool teachers, he too works with his own children at home.

His daughter has Autism, so he made sure to create each lesson so that all children can learn. Back to you.

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