‘Bear-y’ creative way to entertain kids during social distancing reaches Charlotte area

Teddy bear scavenger hunt pops up in N.C.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - If you have seen a sudden appearance of teddy bears in your neighbors’ windows, there is a good chance it is part of a new, “bear-y” creative way parents across the world are keeping small children entertained during stay at home orders.

“It’s a very interesting time,” mom Michelle Murchison says.

Parents of little ones like her are trying to find ways to keep the kids engaged while there is so much shut down around them.

“[We’re] trying to come up with activities for kids to do when they still have to be in social distancing,” Murchison says.

Families in neighborhoods like hers in NoDa are discovering one specific activity that is making the stay at home order a bit more “bearable.”

“We’ve done it every day multiple times,” she says. “Just to see all the bears in the windows.”

It is catching on across the world - neighbors putting teddy bears in their windows, for those with little ones to walk around and find like a scavenger hunt.

NoDa mom Erin Weeks heard about this “bear hunt,” and thought she would bring it to her area.

“In a way, we feel so isolated,” Weeks says. “It’s cool to be part of something bigger.”

A couple posts to social media, and now, these stuffed critters cover their area.

“It’s a great way to bring cheer to the neighborhood during this time of uncertainty,” mom Heather Smith says.

Areas like theirs have created maps, and directions for newcomers. They say they will likely continue with other ideas, as parents are eager for ways to entertain their kids and stay in touch with each other.

“It just helps you feel more connected to all these people we used to see on a very regular basis, but we aren’t able to see anymore,” Weeks says.

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