Volunteers help sanitize downtown Morganton and elsewhere

Volunteers help sanitize downtown Morganton and elsewhere

MORGANTON, N.C. (WBTV) - Two people who said they were part of a group called the “Let’s Act Army” came to Morganton Thursday with spray bottles in one hand and cleaning towels in the other.

They went into town to help businesses that are still open to sanitize things for employees and customers.

“It’s what we do,” said Jason Seidel.

In his day job, Seidel is involved in making cleaners that fight bacteria and infections.

On Thursday, he wasn’t in town to make sales. He was in town to help folks clean up and maybe make some friends.

“This is remarkable,” said Theresa Reece of the Reece Winery downtown.

Reece is still open for takeout orders but appreciated the cleaning that Jason and Starla Lee performed.

At the General Store down the block, Beth Hicks said what the two were doing showed what Morganton is all about.

“It’s awesome and helping everyone in the community," Hicks said.

Jason and Starla cleaned inside several businesses and also spots along the sidewalks in town.

Steel benches, the UPS drop off box, the mailbox and other things walkers may have touched got a once over with the cleaning solutions.

No thanks necessary, said Jason,

“All for the greater good,” he said.

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