Trailer now stolen from family whose home was damaged by tornado

Trailer now stolen from family whose home was damaged by tornado
The trailer was used by the family to transport dirt bikes and for storage. (Source: Amanda Boan)

KANNAPOLIS, N.C. (WBTV) - It was bad enough when their home was damaged by a tornado in early February, but now someone has stolen the trailer the family used to haul dirt bikes.

“My family and I were one of the families whose homes were damaged by the tornado that hit Kannapolis seven weeks ago today,” Amanda Boan wrote in a note to WBTV. “We have been displaced since, in the midst of trying to get our home restored and ready to move back home. Someone decided to prey on our misfortune and steal our son’s enclosed trailer we use to transport their dirt bikes.”

“We have been unable to access our garage and have been using the trailer as extra storage. Our Cub Cadet mower was among one of our possessions that was enclosed,” Boan addded. “We had taken every precaution to prevent theft, and my husband even had a cable through the wheels to prevent the tires from rolling. There was also a flat tire on the other side and a broken jack by the trailer hitch of the trailer.”

Boan pointed out that the trailer and its association with the dirt bikes, helped give the family a sense of normal following the devastation of the tornado.

“It is hard to explain to a 9-year-old that has been removed from a damaged home to a hotel, and now in an apartment, that someone would steal his trailer and racing gear,” Boan said. “The sheriff’s office seems to think it is close by our home, they could not have gone far in that condition. Maybe, just maybe, someone will do the right thing.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Cabarrus or Rowan Sheriff’s Office.

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