Kings Mountain group back home after quarantine from cruise ship carrying COVID-19 patients

Kings Mountain family stuck on cruise ship returns home

KINGS MOUNTAIN, N.C. (WBTV) - A group of 14 people from Kings Mountain has returned home after being in quarantine since they got off a cruise ship carrying several coronavirus patients.

Most of them were being held at Dobbins Air Force base in Marietta, Georgia.

Don Yarbro had been living in quarantine at Dobbins Air Force for several weeks. He was originally confined to his room but he was allowed outdoors to socialize with the rest of the people staying there.

The group made it got back home safely Tuesday night, including Yarbro’s wife Lynn who was being monitored in a California hospital. She was tested negative for COVID-19.

“Great to be home!” Lynn told WBTV. “To be back in good old Kings Mountain!”

Most of the group went on to Dobbins Air Force base for 14 days of quarantine, but Lynn had to stay back in a California hospital after contracting bronchitis.

She tested negative for COVID-19 twice, which she’s grateful for after a recent bout with lung cancer.

“I’m very thankful," she said. "I’m a very blessed person because of my health condition and now this virus.”

She flew into Charlotte Tuesday night and the rest of the crew rode in from Georgia in a van provided free of charge by Charlotte company Aventure Vans.

Now they have the chance to sit back and reflect.

“I think we just learned first of all patience because it took patience to get through that, and just the respect for each other now,” Lynn said.

They’re staying home, and hope others are too.

They say people prayed for them, and now it’s their turn.

“When you pray for people in quarantine we can justify what it’s like because we’ve been there too," Don said.

If the trip worked out as they planned, they should have gotten home about three weeks ago. But at this point, they are just thankful everyone in their group is healthy and safe.

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